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Torch On Felt is now the Most Popular Method in use today

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Torch on felt Is now The Most Popular Method in use today

Popular Material Choice Torch On Felt Flat Roofing.

Torch On Felt membrane is now the most popular system used.

As the title suggests, the technique involves heating a layer of bitumen that has been applied to the felt using a Propane gas torch, which melts the bitumen allowing it to bond to the substrate or under layers of felt previously applied. Together the layers form a flat roof system. Traditionally the roll and pour method was used. This involved heating Bitumen in a specially designed boiler and transporting it to the roof in buckets.

Torch On Felt membranes

It would then be poured out and the felt rolled over the molten bitumen. This type of application is very specialised and dangerous and a major influence for the introduction of Torch-On Felt. This application is far easier to use and subsequently has allowed installation to be carried out by inexperienced people. The correct installation of any roof is a skilled art and should only be carried out by suitably skilled roofers and contractors. So many of the problems associated with your property are due to incorrect installation. Installed correctly with modern high tensile felt membranes, there is no reason why a flat roof should not last just as long as a tiled roof.

The advantages of having a Torch-On Felt system installed are obvious, there is a lot of choice on the market that can cause confusion though. Some of these options available include torch-on, self adhesive, pour and roll and Glass Fibre membranes. We will be able to give you professional roofing advice on the right type of flat roofing membrane for your property.

Torch-on membranes can be applied to a wide range of roofing scenarios in a relatively straightforward manner.

  • Felt flat roofing is generally applied in four layers comprising of:
    A vapour barrier – Normally Glass Fibre based
    Insulation layer – Closed cell ridged board in varying thickness.(Not applicable in all cases)
    Intermediate layer
    Cap sheet

Torch-on membranes are extremely effective and can provide you with a good quality roof for years to come. However, applying these can be dangerous and it is essential to consult a professional construction company if you are thinking about having one of these installed. Enlisting the help of professionals will ensure that the job is carried out correctly, whilst it will also prevent you from potential injury.

Torch on felt flat roofing method

Repair and Maintenance

  • Minimum 20 Year Lifespan
  • Hard Warring Weathers Well
  • Astetically Pleasing to the Eye
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  • No Extra Cost for Emergency Call Out

Long lasting durable Torch-On Felt Roofing is an excellent Flat Roof Coating for most types of flat roofs. New flat roof installations have a 20 Year Guarantee. Call now for more advice or a Free Estimate : Colchester 01206 580132 Mobile: 07968 556958 any-time.

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